Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why Do We Care?

Once again, we parade our stupidity by celebrating people for playing a game, infusing sport with a significance that it could never support under any sane scrutiny whatsoever.

The crowds outside cheering the winning of a football game dwarfs the crowd of patriots who rallied for Occupy Wall Street, and is certainly larger than anything I've ever seen to support social justice, equality, healthcare or strong democratic principals.  Is it any wonder our countrymen have become the natural prey of various mountebanks, shysters, religious fanatics and kooks?  A sad and sorry sight, indeed.

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Nathanael Booth said...

If you think the Super Bowl is bad, you should see the reverence with which sports is treated in Alabama. Stage a protest against HB56 and you get perhaps twelve people; stage a football game and it becomes impossible even to reach the campus.

Sometimes I'm tempted to Swiftian levels of misanthropy.